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Tracy Langkilde

Meet the Dean

Tracy Langkilde circle.

"As dean of the Eberly College of Science, I aim to advance fundamental discovery-focused research and educate a diverse population of scientifically trained leaders and innovators."—Tracy Langkilde

Tracy Langkilde is internationally recognized for her research in herpetology, the biology of amphibians and reptiles. Her recent work has been at the interface of ecology and evolution, focused on understanding how organisms’ behavior and physiology are matched to their environment, and how they respond to novel selective pressures imposed by global environmental change. She came to Penn State in 2007 and was appointed head of the Department of Biology in 2016. Langkilde was appointed dean of the Eberly College of Science on August 24, 2020. Read more about Dean Langkilde.


Tracy Langkilde, Verne M. Willaman Dean

Penn State Eberly College of Science
517 Thomas Building
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: 814-865-9591
Fax: 814-863-0491