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Eberly College of Science

Dean's Message

Dean Tracy Langkilde.

The Eberly College of Science is at the forefront of scientific research and education. We attract world-renowned faculty in the life, physical, mathematical, and interdisciplinary sciences who push the boundaries of scientific knowledge and discovery through creative thinking, risk-taking, and collaboration. We provide inclusive training to passionate and talented students—from Pennsylvania, across the nation, and around the world—who aspire to be the next generation of science leaders. Our faculty employ innovative approaches in our classrooms and labs to inspire discovery and problem-solving, positively impacting the lives around us and the world we live in.

As dean of the Eberly College of Science, I aim to advance fundamental discovery-focused research; educate a diverse population of scientifically trained leaders and innovators; create a college climate that rewards creative thinking, risk-taking, collaboration, and innovative thought; enhance the public’s understanding of and trust in science; and translate our discoveries into positive action for the common good.

Communicating the importance and influence of science in our society has never been more critical. Today we face the dual threat of a pandemic and the manifestations of climate change. With a focus on resilience and sustainability, science provides solutions to these problems through the engagement of diverse thoughts, approaches, and expertise of our best scientists—of all backgrounds. The time for science is now, for everyone, and the place for it is the Penn State Eberly College of Science.

Tracy Langkilde
Verne M. Willaman Dean
Eberly College of Science