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The Eberly College of Science Facilities Office

Staff cell phone numbers and email addresses follow:

     Facilities Office                   814 865-4502

     Bob Holden  (rxh45)          814 777-4502

     Cassie Cavell (cxj8)            814 571-0259

     Adrienne Harding  (amt6352)          814 863-4502


Our Office is committed to providing safe, contemporary, functional and efficient services and environments for our College's faculty, staff, and students.

Updates and reminders on a few procedures:

  1. KEYS: Anyone in the Dean's office needing to pick-up a key, please fill out the attached FAAR form with appropriate manager's signature, scan and e-mail to Cassie.  We will then contact you to make arrangements for key pick-up.
  2. PARKING: Personnel in the Eberly College of Science needing to obtain a parking permit, please fill out the attached Permit Registration and Authorization Form, scan and e-mail to Cassie. We will then contact you to make arrangements for parking permit pick-up.
  3. LOST & FOUND: Anyone wishing to turn-in lost and found items or who is looking for an item, please call us at one of the cell phone numbers listed above.
  4. INJURIES ON THE JOB: - Any employee injured while on-the-job is required to complete the Worker's Compensation Packet, scan and return it to Cassie Cavell ( in order to file a claim. If seeking medical attention, please insure that your provider is listed as a panel provider in the attached Worker's Compensation Packet. For student injuries, please fill out the attached Incident Form and send it directly to the University's Office of Risk Management.
  5. ECOS Shop employees (Norm and Todd) will continue to be on site 5 days a week. If their assistance is needed, please continue to fill out the ECOS Shop Request Form located on our website to request their services.


As always, in the event of an emergency related to facilities, contact the OPP Service Desk at 814 865-4731.

Thomas Building

Flexible workspace

Flexible workspace is available for college faculty, staff, and visitors to the college, and can be reserved for one day at a time.

A pair of safety glasses ready to use in a lab.

Safety Resources

The Eberly College of Science strongly encourages everyone to make safety and well-being an integral part of their daily activity.

Emergency Contacts for Facilities Office

For forms to request maintenance and more visit our space on the College of Science intranet. (requires login)

We provide services in the following areas:

  • ECoS Facilities Information System Contact
  • ECoS Maintenance Shop
  • Key Custodians for the College of Science
  • OPP Project Requests
  • Parking
  • Property Inventory
  • Renovations
  • Safety

To initiate routine OPP work requests notify Departmental Facilities Contacts:

To initiate Report of Injury notify the following contact within 24 hours of the incident: