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Peter D. Usher

Professor Emeritus
Profile image taken at the 212th meeting of the American Astronomical Society, St. Louis MO.

Shakespeare's Knowledge of Astronomy and the Birth of Modern Cosmology (Peter Lang, 2022; should be of interest to teachers and anyone studying the History of Astronomy and/or Early Modern literature. Astronomers may be particularly interested in the final chapter.

iPoster paper delivered to the 241st meeting of the American Astronomical Society on 9 January 2023 is entitled "On a Sixteenth-century Empirical Disproof of Ptolemaic Geocentrism."

Of general interest: Reasons why Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice is not anti-Semitic may be found in “Tubal, Shylock, and the Myth of Venice.” Pólemos Journal of Law, Literature and Culture 12:2 (2018): 415-428.