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Undergraduate Students

Application Process

Admissions to the Eberly College of Science

The Undergraduate Admissions Office assigns students into their baccalaureate degree programs. Applicants who plan to become an ASTRO major should indicate their intention on the application form. High school records and SAT scores must satisfy minimum criteria set by the admissions office in order for a student to be admitted to the Eberly College of Science and the ASTRO Major. Students who enter the College of Science are designated as SCIEN majors. If you expressed an interest in the ASTRO major, then you will be classified as an ASTRO premajor and you will be assigned an advisor in the Astronomy and Astrophysics department. Students are eligible to formally enter the ASTRO major only after their second year.

Transfer to University Park Campus

Many Penn State students take their first-year courses at one of the campuses throughout the Commonwealth. It is crucial that students intending to major in ASTRO request an early change of assignment at the end of the first year so that they can attend University Park campus for the second year of study, since most commonwealth campuses do not offer ASTRO 291/292/293. First year seminars taken at other campuses or departments are transferable.

Visit our Department

Prospective students who wish to visit our department should contact the Eberly College of Science Recruitment Office to schedule a visit.