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Undergraduate Students

Tutors for Astronomy

The following people are interested in tutoring students in undergraduate Astronomy courses. If you are looking for a tutor, you should directly contact one of the people listed below. Each person is responsible for updating their online profile, including tutoring availability.

If you would like to sign up to become a tutor fill out the form here.


Tutor Email Address Availability Courses
Ryan Valania

Usually 4-8 pm, but some variations exist

  • ASTRO 001 - Astronomical Universe
  • ASTRO 130 - Black Holes in the Universe 
Nathan Cristello 5-7pm on Tueday, Wednesday, and Thursday
  • ASTRO 001 - Astronomical Universe
  • ASTRO 001H - Astronomical Universe
  • ASTRO 006 - Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe
  • ASTRO 020S - First-Year Astronomy Seminar
  • ASTRO 130 - Black Holes in the Universe
  • ASTRO 320 - Observational Astronomy Laboratory
  • ASTRO 410 - Computational Astrophysics
  • ASTRO 485 - Introduction to High-Energy Astronomy