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Laura Ullrich

Assistant Research Professor of Biology: CLSF Lab
L. Ullrich


Drew University (B.A., Biology), 1994

University of Georgia (Ph.D., Genetics), 2001


Selected Publications:

L.U. Gilliland and S.M. Assmann. 2009. Guard cells. McGraw-Hill Yearbook of Science & Technology 2010.  ISBN: 9780071639286 


L.U. Gilliland, M. Magallenes-Lundback, C. Hemming, A. Supplee, M. Koornneef, L. Bentsink, 

D. DellaPenna. 2006. Genetic basis for natural variation in seed vitamin E levels in 

Arabidopsis thaliana. PNAS 103(49):18834-41. 


S. Sattler, L.U. Gilliland, M. Magallenes-Lundback, M. Pollard, D. DellaPenna. 2004. Vitamin E  

Is Essential for Seed Longevity and for Preventing Lipid Peroxidation during Germination. Plant Cell 16(6):1419-32. 


L.U. Gilliland, L.C. Pawloski, M.K. Kandasamy, R.B. Meagher. 2002. Arabidopsis actin gene 

ACT7 plays an essential role in germination and root growth. Plant Journal 33(2):319-28. 


L.U. Gilliland, M.K. Kandasamy, L.C. Pawloski, R.B. Meagher. 2002. Both Vegetative and 

Reproductive Actin Isovariants Complement the Stunted Root Hair Phenotype of the 

Arabidopsis act2-1 Mutation. Plant Physiology 130(4):2199-209. 


M.K. Kandasamy, L.U. Gilliland, E.C. McKinney, R.B. Meagher. 2001. One plant actin 

isovariant, ACT7, is specifically induced by auxin and is required for normal callus 

formation. Plant Cell 13(7):1541-54. 


L.U. Gilliland, E.C. McKinney, M.A. Asmussen, R.B. Meagher. 1998. Detection of 

deleterious genotypes in multigenerational studies. I. Disruptions in individual Arabidopsis 

actin genes. Genetics 149:717-725. 


M.A. Asmussen, L.U. Gilliland, R.B. Meagher. 1998. Detection of deleterious genotypes in 

multigenerational studies. II. Theoretical and experimental dynamics with selfing and 

selection. Genetics 149:727-737.