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The Eberly College of Science

Forensic Science Program
Events and Outreach

Fall 2023 Welcome Back Event


Mocktail Mixer

Wed. Sept 6th from 6:00p - 8:00p
3rd Floor Bridge, Huck Life Sciences Building

Mix and Mingle as you enjoy one of our 5 signature mocktails,
pizza, and assorted light refreshments.

Special thanks to the Forensic Science Club for providing the pizza.

Note: Mocktails contain no alcohol. There will be no alcohol served at this event. Penn State is a dry campus.

RSVP here:
(open to all Forensic Science majors and pre-majors)

Forensic Mocktail Mixer Flyer


Mocktail Ingredients List:

  • Crime Lab Lemonade: lemonade base, lime Kool-Aid mixer
  • Crime of Passion Fauxjito: lemon-lime soda base, passion fruit juice, fresh mint, umbrella
  • Criminalist's Little Helper: iced coffee base, lightly sweetened, light non-dairy creamer, your choice of flavor shot
  • CSI Sangria: cranberry cocktail base, club soda, pineapple juice, mixed berries
  • Luminol Shot: blue raspberry Jell-O, tonic water, lemon-lime soda, strawberry syrup


Drink tickets are required. 1 ticket = 1 drink. You can earn up to 5 drink tickets before and during the event by doing the following:

  1. Take a selfie/photo with Dexter, the program office skeleton in 329 Whitmore Lab. We are typically open 9:00a - 5:00p Monday - Friday. Post your selfie to Instagram using the hashtag #PSUFRNSC and show it to a staff member. 1 drink ticket will be added to your RSVP.
  2. Attend the mixer. You get 1 ticket at the door!
  3. Talk to the Program Director during the mixer. Dr. Brooks will give 1 ticket to those who come say hi!
  4. Talk to the Academic Advisor during the mixer. Noelle will give 1 ticket to those who come say hi!
  5. Complete one BINGO line on your ice breaker card at the mixer to earn 1 ticket.