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The Eberly College of Science

Forensic Science Graduate Degree Program

Our M.P.S. in Forensic Science offers students a foundation in general criminalistics with specialized education and training in either Forensic Biology or Forensic Chemistry. Students are able to further pursue individual forensic interests with a research project on a topic or area of interest.

Academic and Degree Information

Discover Forensic Science at Penn State. Our M.P.S. degree program provides a comprehensive criminalistics education that includes hands-on crime lab training and mock case work.

Forensic students prepare samples for testing

Research and Engagement

Our students conduct award-winning, publishable quality research across all areas of forensic science. Explore instrumentation and resources our students have access to at Penn State. 

Forensic student uses a comparison microscope to compare striation marks on two bullets

Apply for the M.P.S in Forensic Science

Interested in grad school at Penn State? Learn about our M.P.S. program entrance requirements and how to apply to the university.

Forensic students process a mock crime scene on the East Parking Deck for CSI lab