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Chemistry Grad Program

Graduate Student Guidelines and Policies

Grad students

2020 - 21 Chemistry Department Guidelines for Graduate Students

    The Graduate Student Guidelines are designed to outline a student's graduate career. All rules, policies, etc. described in this document supersede those from previous versions. It is in the best interest of the student to be well versed in these guidelines to understand departmental expectations and deadlines.

    Graduate Student Guidelines


    Absence Policy

    As of June 2017, The Chemistry Department is instituting a policy on timely reporting of absences, in response to concerns about the safety and well-being of our graduate students and postdocs, as well as to ensure adequate coverage of teaching responsibilities.

    The expectation of the Department is that every graduate student and postdoc will be responsible for contacting his/her preceptor in the event of an absence due to illness or emergency, or a planned absence such as a vacation or work-related travel.   For students who are supported on a Teaching Assistantship, they should contact the faculty member who supervises their teaching.

    Each research group may set up their own protocol for how this contact should be made and who the alternate contact person is.

    For students who are appointed teaching assistantships, if they are unable to reach the faculty member who supervises their teaching assignment, then they are expected to contact the Undergraduate Office at 865-9391.

    Failure to report in within two hours of the expected arrival time may result in disciplinary action and/or financial adjustment to assistantships.


    5th Year and Beyond PhD Requirement

      The 5th Year and Beyond requirement was designed to give the student, his/her mentor, and the other PhD committee members an opportunity to define a mutually agreeable exit strategy for the student.

      All graduate students completing their 5th year in residence will be required to meet with their advisor to discuss their exit from the program. To complete this requirement, please submit the 5th Year and Beyond Agreement Form.

      The option for the student and advisor to convene a meeting with the entire PhD Committee is also available. Should this be the avenue chosen, please submit the 5th Year and Beyond Committee Meeting Form.

      This requirement should be completed during the second semester of a student's fifth year in residence, except if the student has already scheduled their defense to be held by the end of the student's fifth year. In addition, each graduate student will be required to convene a similar meeting with their committee every subsequent year until they have a final defense date scheduled.

      Student should submit either the 5th Year and Beyond Agreement Form or the 5th Year and Beyond Committee Meeting form by September 1, 2020.

      5th Year and Beyond Agreement Form

      5th Year and Beyond Committee Meeting Form