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Eberly College of Science undergraduates on an education abroad trip to Africa.
Education Abroad

Expand your scientific horizons
the whole world over

Student on a rock face in Tanzania
Semester Programs
Semester-Long Programs

At Penn State, we have hundreds of ways you can study abroad for a semester or a full academic year. Before making any final decisions, you’ll want to review your choices with your academic adviser so that you can determine any required courses. Check out the different trips available to you across four continents and eleven countries.

Short-Term Programs

If you'd prefer to study abroad only during a summer break, winter break, or spring break, these programs are for you. You can earn three to six credits while you’re abroad for one to four weeks, without losing any time in your other classes. Short-term Science programs focus on experiential learning, often through field study or lab research.

Short-Term Programs
Research Abroad

Research Abroad

Immerse yourself in your research interests while on an international program, either through another university abroad or a global research program. You have numerous options for international research, so you can investigate and select courses and programs from around the world.