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Rainbow Science Network

Inclusive Scientists
Inclusive Science

At the Eberly College of Science, we understand that the best science emerges when our researchers can bring their whole selves to the team. We created the Rainbow Science Network (RSN) to foster a fully inclusive environment in our research groups and learning environments. Through this initiative, prospective research team members at the undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral, and technical levels in the LGBTQ+ community can readily identify research groups where faculty members have received training in LGBTQ+ issues and are committed to fostering a fully inclusive environment.

The Rainbow Science Network

The RSN is a list of research groups committed to maintaining an inclusive environment, where faculty members have received training in LGBTQ+ issues.

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For Faculty: How to Join the RSN

Faculty who recognize the value in working with diverse research personnel can find details on the training and responsibilities of RSN members here.

Two researchers in the laboratory showing the diverse community in the college.

LGBTQ+ Resources

Find additional resources about inclusive scientific organizations at Penn State, nationally, and internationally plus relevant Penn State anti-discrimination policies and trainings.

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Three graduate student researcher working on the laboratory.

RSN Members and Research Groups

Rainbow Science Network membership serves as an indicator to prospective undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, and research staff that these groups are committed to fostering a fully inclusive research and learning environment.

Rainbow Science Network.