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Diversity Initiatives


Resources for Training and Education

  • CAPS Education and Outreach Workshops — CAPS offers psycho-educational programs designed to reduce distress and/or increase wellbeing including topics such as Anxiety Management, Self-Compassion, and Imposter Phenomenon.
  • Diversity Education — Supporting the goals of the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access, these sessions provide an opportunity to learn the positive steps one can take to ensure equal employment opportunities of a protected class.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resources (PSU login required) — Curated readings, videos, podcasts, and more on a variety of topics including DEI research, implicit bias, equity-minded assessment, and DEI action planning.
  • Holy Day Observance Calendar — Recognizing and promoting appreciation and respect for the different backgrounds and faith traditions that many faculty, staff, and students practice.
  • Learning Resource Network — Provides access to educational courses for Penn State employees that focus on safe, ethical, and responsible conduct, as well as professional development and growth.
  • Office of Science Engagement — Works with students, employers, faculty and staff toward helping students connect with learning opportunities outside the classroom.
  • Safer People Safer Places Network — Workshops that seek to create a safer and more inclusive environment for sexual and gender diversity.
  • Stand for State — Programming that teaches faculty, staff, and students how to take action when they witness bias or other events.


Resources for Students


Resources for Faculty and Staff

  • Centre County CAN HELP Line — A 24-hour confidential hotline for mental health support.
  • Centre Safe — A 24-hour confidential hotline for relationship violence support.
  • Employee Assistance Program — A free, confidential employee and family health advocate resource.
  • Red Folder — Initiative created to guide faculty, staff, and others who interact with students to recognize, respond effectively to, and refer distressed students at Penn State.
  • Resources to Report Wrongdoing — Penn State offers numerous resources to report misconduct, including bias and harassment.


Penn State Policies

  • Policy AD29 — Statement on Intolerance
  • Policy AD72 — Reporting Suspected Child Abuse
  • Policy AD77 — Engaging in Outside Professional Activities (conflict of commitment)
  • Policy AD85 — Title IX Sexual Harassment
  • Policy AD86 — Acceptance of Gifts and Entertainment
  • Policy AD88 — Code of Responsible Conduct
  • Policy AD91 — Discrimination and Harassment and Related Inappropriate Conduct
  • Policy HR91 — Conflict of Interest
  • Policy RP06 — Disclosure and Management of Significant Financial Interests
  • Policy SY01 — Environmental Health and Safety Policy
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College Guide program

The Eberly College of Science Guide program (formerly known as Eberly Ombuds) was created to provide a safe and informal opportunity for members of our college to discuss problems and issues outside of formal channels.