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Corporate Engagement

About Us

Office for Innovation (O4I) exists within the Eberly College of Science (ECoS) at Penn State University. We work together with the Office of Technology Management (OTM) and the Office for Industrial Partnerships (OIP), engaging in assisting inventors in capturing Intellectual Property (IP), providing academic resources and support to entrepreneurs, and connecting industrial networks to enlarge societal impact.

The Tech Advisory Board consists of Eberly College of Science alumni who guide faculty inventors to create strategies to de-risk technologies, complete crucial proof-of-concept studies, and connect with possible collaborators/licensees.

Penn State Research Foundation was formed in 1934 "for the purpose of fostering the advancing scientific research, and, as incident to this general purpose, for the purpose of creating, purchasing, holding, and selling patent rights for inventions and designs, with the right to issue licenses for the exercise of rights relative to said inventions and designs, and to receive payment therefore, and to use and apply all moneys thus or otherwise received solely for the fostering and advancement of such scientific research."