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Corporate Engagement

Transform the undergraduate
educational experience

SMILE (Small, Mobile Instruments for Laboratory Enhancement)

Professor Dan Sykes runs a unique undergraduate training program that gives students the opportunity to work on industry challenges in the lab. The intimate knowledge acquired on how scientific instrument techniques allows the students to secure contracts with private sector, state, and federal government for projects ranging from characterizing automotive coatings components to creating new explosive-detecting fibers. The key to this relationship is interacting with and training potential employees.


Senior-Level Capstone Design Projects

  • Data Sciences Degree: In today’s information society, professionals who can make sense of big data are in high demand. The program will educate students on the technical fundamentals of data sciences, with a focus on developing the knowledge and skills needed to manage and analyze large-scale, unstructured data to address an expanding range of problems in industry, government, and academia. As a result, data sciences graduates will possess the core skills and problem-solving approaches to compete for leading-edge analytics positions across many different industry sectors.