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Department of Statistics

Online Programs

Master of Applied Statistics (MAS)

The Master of Applied Statistics (MAS) degree program is designed for professionals who handle data in their current positions, and are interested in studying a wide range of statistical application areas while developing a skill set that is now in great demand. Employment opportunities exist for applied statisticians in business, industry, government, and in educational and research organizations.

The master of applied statistics degree program is designed to provide training focused on developing data analysis skills, exploring all core areas of applied statistics (DOE, ANOVA, Analysis of Discrete Data, MANOVA, and many more) without going too deeply into the mathematical statistics foundations.

The master of applied statistics degree will be conferred upon students who earn a minimum of 30 credits and a minimum grade point average of 3.0. Of the 30 credits, 24 must be courses from the statistics department, and 21 must be at the 500 level.

In addition to the above degree requirements, all transfer students and concurrent degree students within Penn State are required to take at least 12 of the 30 credits after admission into the master of applied statistics program.

This Master's program can be completed in two to five years, depending on whether you take one, two or three courses each semester. The goal is to provide graduates with broad knowledge in a wide range of statistical application areas—and the employable skills in statistics that are now in high demand.

Once you are admitted into the Master of Applied Statistics program you may also want to join our group in LinkedIn for some professional networking opportunities.

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Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics

This certificate program is designed to improve your research and data-analysis expertise and refine and maximize your analytical talents. The skills you can learn in this program can be applied across the business, education, health, science, governmental, and technology fields.

This 12-credit online graduate certificate in applied statistics consists of required and elective courses that can deepen your knowledge of statistical analysis and provide you with experience with a variety of statistical software packages, a blend of practical and theoretical data-analysis skills as well as sophisticated tools and knowledge to handle and analyze data.

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