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Department of Statistics

Research in Statistics

The department has connections to a number of research centers across the university. Many members of the department are also associated with centers in the Huck Institutes. The Center for Astrostatistics is housed within the department and is headed by Professor Jogesh Babu.

Departmental Centers

The Center serves as a crossroads where researchers at the interfaces between statistics, data analysis, astronomy, space and observational physics collaborate, develop and share methodologies, and together prepare the next generation of researchers.

CLIMA brings together scholars to catalyze transformative, integrated research on climate change, mitigation, adaptation, and decision making that transcends disciplinary boundaries and advances real-world climate risk management.

We provide statistical advice and support to Penn State researchers and external clients in industry and government.

The SCC provides support in the following areas:

  • Research Planning
  • Design of Experiments and Survey Sampling
  • Statistical Modeling and Analysis
  • Analysis Results Interpretation
  • Advice on appropriate software for data analysis

The research interests of SLDM@PSU include:

  • Statistical Learning and Data Mining
  • High Dimensional Hypothesis Testing
  • Statistical Analysis of Big Data and Large Networks
  • Statistical Modeling in Health Science, Information Science, and Business Analytics

Centers and Institutes within the Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences

The Huck isn't easy to explain. It covers a lot of ground. It might best be imagined as a web—or maybe as a series of bridges, built and maintained by dedicated laborers, between various University institutions that would have otherwise been isolated islands. 

The more these bridges are built up, the better we get at communicating and collaborating across the life sciences, and the better we get at solving problems.

Bringing together researchers in medicine, genomics, molecular biology and statistics to advance basic genomic research and translate that research into new diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive medical strategies.

The Center for Statistical Genetics, housed within the Department of Public Health Sciences and the Department of Statistics, offers an interdisciplinary forum that convenes geneticists who are designing and running the experiments, statisticians who are analyzing and interpreting the data, and software engineers who are developing the computing tools into a cohesive, comprehensive team.

Comprising the Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics and the Center for Molecular Immunology and Infectious Disease, the Infectious Disease Institute and its faculty are at the leading edge of infectious disease research at Penn State.

The Institute and its faculty also support the Huck Institutes' Immunology and Infectious Diseases emphasis area in the MCIBS graduate program.

CIDD embraces all scales and components of infectious disease biology. Our interdisciplinary approach, coupled with a dynamic viewpoint, provides insight into how to prevent or reduce infections.

Other University Centers

ICDS helps you apply big data and big simulation methods across the research landscape.

The Methodology Center is an interdisciplinary research center within the College of Health and Human Development at the University Park campus of Penn State. We develop and disseminate new methods for social, behavioral, and health sciences research focusing on vital public health issues, including substance abuse and HIV.

The mission of The Methodology Center is to advance public health by improving experimental design and data analysis in the social, behavioral, and health sciences.

QuantDev is a core of methodologists at Pennsylvania State University – primarily with backgrounds in quantitative psychology and statistics. We aim to stimulate, coordinate, support, and disseminate research and teaching about the use of quantitative methods in social science.

Penn State Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) provides tools, services and training to make health research more efficient at Penn State. It is an advocate for translational science and is a bridge between basic scientists and clinical researchers. The institute promotes collaboration to discover new treatments, medical procedures and ways to diagnose disease.


Penn State Data Science encompasses the multidisciplinary and still-evolving field of data science. This site provides a hub where current and prospective students, faculty, and industry partners can learn about academic programs, areas of research, and events of interest to the broader data science community.